Open call: register for CIRCUIT 2022 UNTIL SUNDAY, 17 OCTOBER 2021

Circuit 2020

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N22, the network of the 22 community centres in Brussels, would like to present the 2nd edition of CIRCUIT, a programme designed to develop the talent of young artists in Brussels. Are you a performer, choreographer, theatre producer, musician, urban artist, visual artist or quite simply an artist aged between 16 and 26? Would you like to get to know yourself better as an artist? Would you like to meet new people? Or learn more about the practical side of an artistic production? Then CIRCUIT is the programme for you.

We are looking for young talents in Brussels. All disciplines are welcome. Individually or as a collective, a duo or in a group, as long as you are enthusiastic.

CIRCUIT offers you professional support, for both content and production, for at least six months, to achieve an end result in front of an audience. A performance, festival, exhibition, or something completely outside the box.


CIRCUIT starts with your question, interest and passion. Each community centre has a group coach/artist who assists with the projects, selected by Brussels art organisations (Kunstenwerkplaats, the VaartKapoen, Pianofabriek Citylab and TransfoCollect). The artist gives you creative and content-related input, provides you with industry contacts and inspires you. The community centre supplies input in terms of planning, communication and technique.

Would you like an individual coach, as well? That’s an option. You can bring in someone yourself, whom you already know and who inspires you, but CIRCUIT can also help you with this. Ultimately the choice is yours. The main thing is that you get along.


From the beginning of 2022, you can start for around eight months in one of these three community centres.

=> De Zeyp in Ganshoren - with an international impact, residential impact and a welcoming theatre space
=> De Platoo in Koekelberg - a byword for experimenting in the neighbourhood, equipped spaces indoors and the Elisabeth Park as a garden.
=> De Rinck in Anderlecht - where the assets include a dance hall, Anderlecht centre and dynamic partnerships in the area.

CIRCUIT brings you into contact with new people and generates a lot of reciprocal inspiration. Five to six young artists (collectives) get down to work in each community centre. You can exchange ideas with them weekly or fortnightly during group sessions with a group coach.


1. Interested? Send a quick text or WhatsApp message to Steffi De Cuyper (0490 52 39 95) and say you are interested by Sunday, 17 October 2021 inclusive. She will contact you to give you more information.
2. Once we’ve got to know one another, we ask you whether you do indeed want to be a candidate.
3. All the candidates are invited for a speed date, which will take place in early October. Here you meet the community centre staff, your fellow artists and a few art organisations. We match your expectations to the opportunities.
4. After the speed date, we contact you again to tell you whether a match has been found between you and CIRCUIT.
5. By early December at the latest, we will make you a proposal for collaboration with a specific artist/group coach (and possibly an individual coach) at one of the three sites.
6. Your journey starts at the beginning of 2022. You will work from the community centre through to the autumn, exchanging with the other young talents and the artist/group coach. Weekly or every two weeks for a minimum of six months.
7. You will complete your creative journey towards the end of 2022, and present your work to an audience. This is a group presentation with the other CIRCUIT participants in your community centre. You decide as a group when the final presentation will take place (October, November or December).
8. Find you've developed a taste for it afterwards? Explore the opportunities for a follow-up.


Get in touch with Steffi De Cuyper (0490 52 39 95 of