OPEN CALL | Participatory art residency at the GC Pianofabriek

Kunst in co-creatie (art in co-creation) is a project by the N22 Brussels community centres. The Pianofabriek at Sint-Gillis is one of these 22, an open house near the Sint-Gillisvoorplein. A house that seeks to bring the neighbourhood together for social and cultural activities, but also a workplace and breeding ground for talent, an open house for artists, both beginners and experienced, and with a variety of backgrounds. We are located in an artistic and lively municipality with a significant social mix and a population that is constantly changing. It is the sixth youngest municipality in Belgium, densely populated with many nationalities and languages, many single people and an unemployment level that is higher than the Brussels average.

Sint-Gillis is located on a steep slope. The distinction between ‘upper’ and 'lower’ Sint-Gillis also reflects socio-economic differences. Upper Sint-Gillis attracts new residents with a higher income. Lower Sint-Gillis has many older people, people with a lower income and newcomers, and students or recent graduates also like to settle in lower Sint-Gillis. Given its location near the South Station, Sint-Gillis is an ‘arrival municipality’ where people moving from outside Brussels and Belgium look for their first home. This inflow of various residents makes for a new social mix and a changing relationship between new and old population groups.

At the Pianofabriek, we are aware of these contrasts. Via the Kunst in co-creatie project, we wish to work towards reducing polarisation, or the growing we-them mentality between the different groups in the public space. We see this as an artistic project that fosters collaboration between individuals and/or groups. From the community centre, we wish to go out into the streets and squares, with tentacles reaching out into the large area around the Pianofabriek (think, for example, of: Sint-Gillisvoorplein, the Bethlehem square, Heldenplein/Ulenspiegel, Charles Jordens Square). We are looking for an artist who will infiltrate the neighbourhood, develop an artistic practice around polarisation and encounters, and in co-creation with local residents will leave behind a creative footprint. The Pianofabriek serves as a starting point, safe space and liveable place of relaxation in the area.


As an artist/arts collective, you will design a-creative trajectory:

  • You will design a positive arts trajectory around we-them thinking in the public space.
  • You will bring about an artistic impact by directly or indirectly creating and fostering a sense of belonging together.
  • In the process, you will be sure to involve various audiences in the creation (as participant as well as joint owners).
  • Kunst in co-creatie takes place in the public space; you will create a sense of belonging and deal respectfully with local residents.
  • You will be working together with the community centre staff. You will jointly guide the process.
  • You will commit yourself both physically and mentally to the neighbourhood, so as to get to know all its facets.
  • You will leave behind a creative footprint. The Pianofabriek serves as a starting point, safe space and liveable place of relaxation in the area
  • In the summer, you will wherever possible benefit from the presence of Park Poétik in the various parts of Sint-Gillis, and will get a feeling of the neighbourhood and then base a follow-up story on it. With Park Poétik, we return each year to the neighbourhoods, and seek to build further on the creative footprint left behind.
  • The whole project must remain within the predetermined budget.


There is a total budget of 19,500 euros for the project. This includes all costs. 


  • Applications will be accepted via the registration form until Monday 21/03/2022 inclusive. 
  • First selection based on the statement of interest and CV: in the week of 25/04/2022 
  • Second selection: in the week of 16/5/2022 
  • Jury presentation: in the week of 06/06/2022 
  • Work period: August, September, October, November 



Contact person 

Koen Spolspoel,, 02 541 01 70 

Apply via the registration form >