OPEN CALL | Artist for participatory project at De Rinck community centre

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Community Centre De Rinck in Anderlecht is looking for an artist to work co-creatively with the very youngest (children from 0 to 6 years old) to strengthen the connection between the parents, the children and the community centre.   


© Karim Abraheem

Co-creation with the very youngest  

You are going to develop an artistic project with the target group ‘the very youngest’. This will be done co-creatively: the children become a partner and co-owner of the concept and its development. The project must meet the needs and requirements of the children. As artist, you will provide a clear artistic vision.  

What will you do?  

As artist, you will design a co-creative trajectory: 

  • Together with the children you will develop a strong artistic end result supported by the them.  

  • You will make a personal commitment to the children and different partners and will review the various facets of co-creation: the idea, the process as well as the end result are supported by the participants. This means you presence is paramount.   

  • Together with the community centre’s sociocultural worker, you will generate commitment on the part of the children and partners, and act with respect for the participants. 

  • You will pay special attention to the voiceless and will actively seek out their voice.  

About the target group 

CC De Rinck has worked already quite some time together with different partners around the target group ‘the very youngest’ in Anderlecht. This has expressed itself in different events like Arts Day for the very youngest, playstreets and monthly gatherings for the children. This target group is growing rapidly in Anderlecht. Therefore, we want to work with an artist to artistically explore what participatory projects are possible. De Rinck will serve as a base for this. Thanks to our amazing work group ‘art for the very youngest’ we have the possibility to go public. This ranges from activities taking place in ‘Huis van het Kind’ to artists going to nurseries.   

About CC De Rinck 

CC De Rinck is an open house in Anderlecht: encounters, cultural experiences, active citizenchip, co-creation and commitment are at its core. We are there for all Dutch-speaking and open-to-speak-Dutch people, and at the same time enjoy building bridges across all language barriers.  

CC De Rinck is one of the 22 Brussels community centres that make up N22 Brussels. Our house is located on Het Dapperheidsplein, near other socio-cultural venues such as Zinnema, the Academy of visual arts, The Academy of Word, Music and Dance, the library, CC Escale du Nord, the Erasmus House, as well as colourfull array of Anderlecht associations.  

We like to seek cooperation, to help shape an Anderlecht cultural network from this connection, within which we always listen and sense the specific value we can add here as a community centre. The Dapperheidplein is centrally located in the neighbourhood, at a crossroads of both streets and people. It is this place, this house at a crossroads, from which we seek to meet and grow neighbourhood-based projects.


There is a total budget of 19 500 euros for the project. This includes all costs.  


  • Applications will be accepted via the registration form until 24.09.2023 inclusive.  

  • First selection based on the statement of interest and CV: in the week of 02.10.2023  

  • Second selection: in the week of 16.10.2023 

  • Jury presentation:  14/11/2023 ou 16/11/2023 

  • Work period: February, March, April and May 2024 



Contact person  

Toon Minnen - GC De De Rinck,, 02 435 11 22 

Apply via the registration form >