Are you a performer, choreographer, theatre producer, musician, urban artist, or simply an artist aged between 16 and 26? Do you work individually, as a collective, as a duo or in a group? CIRCUIT brings you the opportunity to intensify your own artistic journey. An artist/coach supports, inspires and challenges you to achieve an end result in front of an audience. A performance, festival, exhibition, or something completely out-of-the-box.

From the beginning of 2021, you can start for six months or longer at one of these community centres:

The journey starts with your own idea and drive. You work on your own individual journey, alternating with group sessions offering the chance of exchange with other young creatives. An artist gives you creative and content-related input, provides you with industry contacts and brings you inspiration. The community centre delivers input in terms of planning, communication and technique.


CIRCUIT starts with your quest, interest and passion. A topic that engages you, or an artistic form. From there, some Brussels-based (artistic) organisations (Kunstenwerkplaats, de VK, Pianofabriek Citylab and TransfoCollect) will select the most suitable artist/coach. Or you can bring in someone inspiring yourself whom you already know. The choice is ultimately yours, because it's important you both click.


Interested? Contact Steffi De Cuyper (0490 52 39 95 or She'll invite you for a digital information session, 9 (5PM) or 12 November (2 PM).

  1. Send in your application before midnight of 27 November 2020. The VK and De Kroon will check your registration together with organisations such as JES, KWP, Pianofabriek CityLab and TransfoCollect.
  2. Are you convincing? We invite you to join a speed dating session in the week of 17 December. You will meet the community centre staff, other young talent and the potential artists/coaches there. We match your expectations to the opportunities.
  3. By the beginning of January at the latest, we will send you a proposal for collaboration with a specific artist at one of the three sites.
  4. Your journey starts at the beginning of 2021. You will work from the community centre through to the autumn, in exchange with other young performers and the artist/coach. Weekly or every two weeks for six months minimum.
  5. You will complete your creative journey towards the end of 2021, and present your work to an audience.
  6. Find you've developed a taste for it afterwards? Explore the opportunities for a follow-up.


Get in touch with Steffi De Cuyper (0490 52 39 95 of