What is a Community Centre?

A community centre brings the people of Brussels closer together. It is a place where you can do your own thing, or just be. You can meet other people there. Or destress. Nothing is obligatory. Plenty is possible. 

Space in the city

The Brussels community centres give you space in the city. Literally, because you can use the rooms for all sorts of initiatives. Altogether, the 22 centres offer over 46,000 m² - almost 12 times the Grand Place. Space for your organisation, association, civic initiative, neighbourhood committee, artistic project, collective or private initiative. 

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The centres also give you room to breathe. These are places where you can find peace and quiet. And room to moveto do sport. Or to carry out your own projects. That is often done together with the team at the centre and various volunteers. Feel free to put forward your questions, needs and ideas.

Image: N22 combines the forces of the 22 community centres in Brussels.


You are welcome at the reception desks during opening hours. Can you register me for the sports course on Tuesday? How do I register my child in a Dutch-speaking school? Where can I learn or practise Dutch? The reception staff can help you find your way around the city and assist you any way they can. In addition, there are lots of free information brochures on the desk that you can take with you. 


The programme exists thanks to you and other people living in Brussels. The 22 centres translate and reinforce the existing cultural life in Brussels. As a resident of the neighbourhood, you can have your say in what your local centre does and how it does it. You can do this through the board of directors or the general assembly, by taking part in working groups and discussion panels or simply by talking to a member of staff (at reception) about your ideas. The centres are there for you. They exist thanks to the efforts of many volunteers. 

A number of focal points are emphasised within the programme. Take a look at them under Focus (in Dutch). 

Looking for a specific activity? Go through the complete programme (in Dutch). 


Dutch is the main language used at the centres. We aim to give everyone in Brussels the chance to communicate in Dutch. To learn and practise the language. So all the opportunities to practise Dutch are indicated with language icons. Several centres offer Dutch lessons, too. At the same time, we support multilingualism in Brussels, which we see as a source of wealth. The centres are hospitable places where everyone who lives in Brussels is welcome.